SOUR DOUGH WITH WOOD FIRED BARBECUE By Jay Erickson   The next best thing to having a wood-fired brick oven for baking bread is having the use of a Primo Junior charred-wood burning barbecue. I have wanted a wood fired brick oven for some time, but haven’t gotten around to building one, so I thought […]

Leave it to me to discover there is etiquette to be observed when using the dump. Most of my visits are for recycling, so I have an infrequent use of the transfer station or Dump, I have managed to avoid the long lines and heated emotions of the outgrown facility that occurs on Sundays during […]

CORE DATING IN NEW ZEALAND By Jay Erickson This morning is another typical winter’s morning at the Orcas hotel located near the Orcas Island ferry landing, in Washington State. With people bustling, they order an early morning cup of coffee and pastry before loading onto the first ferry of the island or red eye as […]